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In this page we’re providing you Vedic Maths Tricks Pdf Free Download, The Best PDF to Learn Tricks of Vedic Maths and improve your mathematics.

Hello readers, are you also searching for Vedic Maths Tricks pdf download then you’re at the right place. Here on this page, we will provide you with Vedic Maths tricks pdf free download.

Vedic Maths is the systematic mathematics which is originated from ancient India and is based on Vedas. People use Vedic maths for its accuracy and simplicity. By the Vedic maths techniques and tricks, one can easily simplify hard maths problems.

In the Vedic Maths Tricks Pdf, we’ve added all the tricks of maths from the Vedas. Some of the popular tricks are as follows.

  1. Ekadhikena Purvena: This technique is used to quickly square any two-digit numbers.
  2. Nikhilam Navatashcaramam Dasatah: This technique is used to multiply any number which is a multiple of 10.
  3. Urdhva-Tiryagbhyam: This Vedic maths method is used to multiply any two-digit numbers.
  4. Paaravartya Yojayet: This trick is used to divide the numbers easily using the Vedic maths technique.
  5. Antyayor Dasakepi: This method is used to find the square of any number ending with 5 easily in just a span of a few seconds.

Above mentioned are just some of the Vedic Maths tricks which are provided in the pdf file of Vedic Maths Tricks by us. There are hundreds of more tricks and tips to master Vedic Maths easily.

The pdf files that we’re providing you today are separated into 6 different pdf files, each pdf file contains complete information related to all the tricks to solve a particular type of problem. So I’ll suggest you read all 6 pdf files if you really want to master Vedic maths and the power of Vedic Maths.

But if you want to master a particular type of topic in Vedic Maths then you can do that too.

Vedic Maths Tricks Pdf Free Download

Below given are the download links of Vedic Maths chapter-wise and mentioned in detail about them in there.

Chapter 1: Vedic Maths ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION Tricks PDF Free Download

In the pdf given below all the addition and subtraction tricks that exist in Vedic Maths are mentioned and explained with various examples.

The methods covered in the pdf file below are Completing the whole method, The ten Point Circle, Sum of Ten, Adding a list of numbers, Mental math, Adding from left to right, the Shudh method for a list of numbers, Adding two or three-digit numbers list and Number Spliting Method in the addition section.

And also contains methods like The Concept of Base, Subtracting from a Base, Adding Zeroes, Subtracting Near a base, Number spliting Method, General Method of subtraction, and Subtraction from left to right in the Subtraction method.

Chapter 2: Vedic Maths DIGIT SUMS, CASTING OUT 9S, 9-CHECK METHOD Tricks PDF Free Download

In the pdf given below all the DIGIT SUMS, CASTING OUT 9S, and 9-CHECK METHOD Tricks are covered and we’ve also mentioned in detail about the methods below.

The methods covered in this pdf are Digit Sums explanation and sums, CASTING OUT NINE, and Check Method in detail.

Chapter 3: Vedic Maths 11-CHECK METHOD Tricks PDF Free Download

In the pdf file given below, we’ve mentioned all the methods related to the Eleven Check Method.

The methods explained briefly in this pdf file are Alternate digit sum or Eleven-check Method and Two digits in the digit sum, etc.

Chapter 4: Vedic Maths SPECIAL MULTIPLICATION METHODS Tricks PDF Free Download

In this pdf file, we’ve mentioned all the methods related to multiplication tricks, which Sutra of Vertically and Crosswise, Same Base Method, Both numbers less than the same base method, Multiplying bigger numbers close to a base method, When both the numbers are above base method, VINCULUM method, etc.

This pdf also includes a deep explanation about Converting from positive to negative form or from normal to vinculum form, From vinculum back to normal form, When one number is above and the other below the base method, When the base is not the same method, Sub – base method, Doubling and Making halves method, Multiplication of Complimentary numbers method, Multiplication by numbers consisting of all 9’s, etc.

Multiplication by 11, General Method of Multiplication, Three digits Multiplication with carry, Number Split Method, Multiplication of algebraic expressions, etc, and many more multiplication methods are included in this pdf file, you must use this pdf to master your Vedic Maths.

Chapter 5: Vedic Maths SQUARING AND SQUARE ROOTS Tricks PDF Free Download

In this pdf file, we’ve mentioned all the methods related to SQUARING AND SQUARE ROOTS in Vedic maths.

This pdf contains methods like the Square of numbers ending in 5, Squaring numbers near sub-base, General method of squaring, The Duplex, Algebraic Squaring, Square Root of Perfect Squares, and Square roots of general numbers.

Chapter 6: Vedic Maths Division Tricks PDF Free Download

In this pdf file, we’ve mentioned all the methods related to division in Vedic maths. This pdf contains methods like Number splitting, Transpose, and Apply, Straight Division, Split Method, and Longer numbers in the divisor.

Above provided are all of the Vedic Maths Trick PDF files available for free. You can easily download any of those pdf or all of those pdf files from the “Click Here To Get PDF File Button”.

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